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  • Tuition-based, PreK-12 private college prep school in Saint Paul
  • Offering academic rigor with purpose so that students are equipped to improve our world
  • Unleashing a sense of wonder and the joy of learning for all children
  • Providing need-based financial assistance


We occasionally communicate via text messaging.

Visit MPA

The best way for you to learn more about MPA, is to visit our campus. You will find a supportive community where students are self-directed, interally motivated, and as proud of their own accomplishments as they are of their classmates'.

  • Hands-on, experiential education in grades PreK-12
  • Extensive arts opportunities instill creative confidence
  • Latest technology used to expand the classroom
  • World language begins in kindergarten

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Joining this wonderful community was most likely the best educational decision I have ever made. Making close-knit friends at MPA has never been a challenge as everyone is unbelievably kind and considerate. I have been able to grow close with my teachers as well because they are always willing to help. From my experience at MPA, I have learned how to communicate my opinion both through writing and speaking and I have also learned to not shy away from asking questions.
Katie Hands, Class of 2017

About Mounds Park Academy

With extensive opportunities in arts, athletics, and academics, your child can and will do it all here.

  • 8:1 student-teacher ratio
  • Every child is respected and heard
  • Committed to creativity and collaboration
  • Built on shared values, not geography


“The most important skills I need for graduate school at MIT, I learned in 10th grade at MPA. I was taught how to learn for the sake of learning and speak, write, and think critically. Those are the skills essential to me today.” — Erik Sand '03, Ph.D. student,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
“Our colleagues at the University highly endorsed MPA. We fell in love and our child is getting a great education. We are grateful for the opportunity to call MPA home and consider it a true privilege.” — Dr. Michael Kim, Director,
University of Minnesota School of Music
“When there’s a problem that I need to handle, I think to myself, ‘I know how to work this out because my teachers taught me how.’ MPA teaches us all these special things that get us ready for the world.” — Rowan, MPA Student,
Class of 2025
“From the teachers to the students, everyone loves to learn here. We’re happier people since coming here. MPA is simply a wonderful place to be eight or more hours each day. It felt like home from the very first day.” — Sarah McFarland, MPA Teacher,
International Program Coordinator